Your First Chord Progression

Puttin It All Together: Em-G-D-A, The Chord Progression to Pumped Up Kicks

Your First Chord Progression: Em-G-D-A
Your First Chord Progression: Em-G-D-A

Now it’s time to combine the four chords we have learned previously into a larger chord progession.  The pattern in which the chords are played in section is called the “chord progression” and these chords just happen to make up the progression to “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People.  Continue using the same fingering process on each chord and retaining the pivot/slide fingers.

  1. Switch from Em to G, keeping the pointer finger planted on the second fret of the A string.
  2. Switch from G to D, lifting all fingers at once and attempting to place all your fingers into the D chord shape at the same time.
  3. Switch from D to A, sliding the ring finger along the B string.
  4. Switch from A to Em, moving the first and second fingers as a group.
  5. Repeat

Work this progression with a drum track using the strum/rest approach and switching chords every four beats*.  Work from 60bpms to 120 bpms in increments of 20 bpms, first performing one strum/three rests, then two strums/two rests, three strums/one rest and finally four strums/no rests. Once you get up to four strums with no rest at 120bpms, you’ve made it!  Congratulations!  You’re ready to start playing songs.

*If this proves too difficult at first, begin with one strum every eight beats.