The Gear You Actually Need

The Gear Every Beginning Guitar Student Needs

A lot of beginning guitarists can be overwhelmed the first time they step into a guitar store.

Aside from the guitars, there is a huge array of complimentary products that eager sales people might try to get you to buy. Most of it is unnecessary for a person just starting out on the guitar.

However, there a few essentials that you might want to buy.

1. A Tuner: This is small device that you will use make sure your strings are playing the appropriate pitches. Many different kinds exist, but I find the best ones to be the kind that clip on to the end of your headstock. Snark is a great brand. There also quite a few tuning apps available for your phone or tablet. I recommend Guitar Tool Kit as it will also has a metronome and chord maps.

2. A Strap: Whether you’re sitting or standing, playing acoustic or electric, it’s best to have a strap to keep your guitar in place. You don’t need to spend a lot of money here, though. Any basic strap will work. And unless you are planning on performing or dancing while playing a lot, you probably don’t need strap locks.

3. A Capo: This is clamping device that change is used to change the key of the open strings of your guitar. The most popular kind are the simple ones shaped like a chip-clip. Grab one of these and you’ll be able to play a lot more of your favorite songs during your first few months.