My 8yr old daughter has been taking guitar from Chris for a year now, and we both couldn’t be happier! Santa brought her a guitar and Chris has taken her from not even knowing how to hold it, to picking and strumming in a year.  Her fingers aren’t long enough yet to fret chords, but Chris seems to find ways to expand her knowledge steadily while we wait for her to grow.

Chris is almost always on time, jumps right into the lesson with her and utilizes the half hour efficiently.  He is great at not falling for her 8yr old stalling/question-asking tactics, directing her back to the lesson with ease.  We have had two recitals so far and both have been a positive experience for my daughter.  I have never had a scheduling problem (though admittedly, I don’t think I have ever had to change or cancel a lesson), the rate is competitive and my daughter is happy and progressing.  What more could you ask for?

-Heather Lawrence

The combination of his exceptional skills as a musician and his positive and approachable teaching style is nothing less than the secret sauce that is helping me renew my passion and further my skills as a musician. I am playing guitar now as much as I can, learning amazing skills I never thought I would master and sharing music once again with my family and friends.  One further note — Chris Primeau also exhibits wonderful character and an inspiring work ethic.  I would trust him with bringing the gift of music to students of all ages and I would feel confident that they and their parents would be pleased with their results.

-Gwen Smith

Chris is a genuine guy and a genuinely awesome guitar coach. I am a professional musician that wanted to get to performance-level basic guitar as quickly as possible. Within three months of beginning working with Chris, I won The Recording Conservatory of Austin’s Top Singer-Songwriter Contest backed by my own guitar playing.

Some great benefits to working with Primeau Guitars:
– Chris is very goal-oriented, which appealed to my drive to get on stage on guitar as soon as possible. We keep a sheet of my goals, and we work steadily toward them.
– Chris is very encouraging. When I’m a bit shaky on a piece, but vaguely getting the notes/chords right, he stays very positive and compliments my progress, which helps to keep my motivation up.
– Chris tailors lessons to my goals. He brings materials (TAB and/or sheet music) or puts together materials based on patterns or specific songs I’d like to learn.

I’m very glad I am working with him, and I’m looking forward to working with him to further improve my performance abilities in the future.

-Alyse Black

We’ve really enjoyed Chris teaching our nine year old (with a physical handicap) and our 14 year old.  He has made it fun and they both look forward to working with him.  We appreciate his knowledge and patience (especially with the nine year old)!  Thanks Chris!

-Barbara Carlson

We switched to Chris because our son was stalled out in his guitar development with the past teacher.  Chris has excellent training from Berklee and can teach theory and alternative guitar approaches. He encourages individual music writing and has a great plan for developing our son’s abilities…I think he is simply a superb guitar instructor and that the kids will find him very approachable and fun to work with.

-Bob Patterson, Father of a twelve year-old student


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