Local Teacher Spotlight – Songbird Rising Suzuki School

As many of my students frequently ask me for recommendations for teachers of other instruments, I willSongbird begin posting articles about local teachers whom they may contact.  Today we learn about Songbird Rising Suzuki School.

Songbird Rising Suzuki School

Songbird Rising Suzuki School was established in 2009 in Hyde Park and offers year round violin lessons and summer camps. They are proud to offer an astute and growing program of Suzuki based lessons for any age and ability within a community of supportive fellow musicians.  The school was founded by Laura Poyzer, who holds a Masters in Music and Human and Learning from The University of Texas as well as a Bachelors in Violin Performance from the Royal Welsh College.  The violin teaching staff includes Elizabeth Douthit who is a tenured member of the Austin Opera Orchestra and holds a Bachelors in Violin Performance from SMU.

Songbird Rising believes in guiding their students toward the values of joy, freedom, maturity and integrity.  By utilizing Dr. Suzuki’s philosophies of learning, Songbird Rising believes that every child and every adult can learn the language of music regardless of natural aptitude or age.  Their highest ideal is to develop one’s musicianship to its fullest. Songbird Rising is an opportunity for all involved to delve deep and live into their potential. They maintain that the dedication required to play is character building and that the places we must go in order to profoundly express ourselves allows us to grow comfortable with the uncomfortable, which is an invaluable ability.

Songbird 3During the summer, Songbird Rising also offers a string camp with two different two week sessions. Songbird Rising String Camp utilizes a diverse approach and theme driven curriculum along with Suzuki rooted teaching to support and evolve a foundation of joy, skill and creative self-expression in music. The typical camp day includes a brief camp welcome, three group classes, two short breaks, an hour for lunch (with a playscape!) and any two of a master class/singing/yoga/guest workshop or art. Each day is ended with a round of student performances!

“I like my violin lessons with Mrs Laura, she encourages me to do my best and helps me do things that I did not know I could do!”

-Ingrid, age 8

“My 7-year-old participated in String Camp in Summer 2014. She was just a few months into violin and I was amazed at how far she advanced during the camp in skills and interest in the violin. She was truly inspired by the other students and the variety of activities offered by Mrs. Laura, her associate teacher, and a guest master teacher. Mrs. Laura provides just enough structure to focus talented kids while not hindering their creativity.”

– Karen L

“String Camp with Songbird Rising got my 5 year old feeling very comfortable with her once intimidating violin in just two weeks. Every day she came home with great enthusiasm, wanting to play all that she’d learned that day. The activities are fun, while still acting as tools to improve the kids’ violin skills. By the end, our daughter was noticeably more confident in her ability to play.”

-Amy D