Local Teacher Spotlight – Rob Roeder – Bass

RoederAs many of my students frequently ask me for recommendations for teachers of other instruments, I will begin posting articles about local teachers whom they may contact.  Today we learn about Rob Roeder who can be found at robroeder.com/teaching.htm.

Local Teacher Spotlight- Rob Roeder- Electric Bass

Rob Roeder first taught bass while attending BIT, the bass section of Musician’s Institute in the late 1980s. He has taught at Austin Guitar School (and wrote their music theory class), as well as occasionally through the University of Texas informal classes system. Rob has also worked as a teacher and support musician for National Guitar Workshop, but now teaches from his home studio in the 78702 area code.

The studio has a separate entrance and parking area, and is well-equipped for any learning needs.  He can pull up any song a student wants to learn on Youtube, Safari or his personal iTunes library.  There is also a copy of Sibelius 7 on hand to document the lesson.  A soundboard to which he and the student plug in allows them both to run through an excellent power amp.

Rob teaches a similar age range to my students (currently his youngest is 13 and his oldest is in his early 60s) and a similar diverse range of stylistic interests. Songs by Maren Morris, Metallica, Tommy Castro, and Sarah Vaughn (‘Black Coffee’ recording from 1949) are among the things on which his students are currently working. Many of his students have gone on to become gigging musicians around Austin and beyond, as he details on his teaching page.  Rob also publishes a monthly bass bulletin with helpful tips on performance and gear.