Local Teacher Spotlight- Graham Yates

As many of my students frequently ask me for recommendations for teachers of other instruments, I will begin posting articles about local teachers whom they may contact.  Today we learn about Graham Yates who can be found at North Austin Piano Studio.

Local Teacher Spotlight- Graham Yates

Graham Yates’ approach to teaching is informed by sound pedagogical training over two post-secondary degrees, and balanced by his affable personality that seeks to draw out the uniqueness of each student’s abilities and interests.  He firmly believes that all people are innately musical, that musical training as a form of self-expression promotes overall well-being and self-improvement, and that piano lessons and practicing are an enjoyable journey of self-mastery and self-discovery. Where the piano is an individual’s chosen form of musical expression, Mr. Yates has the ability, knowledge and resources to help students reach their full potential.

Graham Yates holds two degrees in piano performance: a BA in Music from Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, and a Master of Music from Brandon University in Manitoba.  Each included rigorous training in performance, pedagogy and repertoire study.  In addition, he trained as a Suzuki piano teacher under master instructors Susan Magnusson and Dr. Merlin Thompson, both of whom learned directly from Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (the method’s founder) and Dr. Haruko Kataoka (co-founder of the piano method).  Mr. Yates was attracted to the Suzuki approach following his formal education because of its belief that every child can excel in music, and for its emphasis on students creating beautiful tone from the beginning.

Relocating to Austin, Texas in 2014, Mr. Yates quickly grew a studio of 35 students, half of whom are Suzuki piano students.

-Teacher and staff member at Armstrong Community Music School, Austin, TX (2014-2016)

-Provincial festival adjudicator of Junior, Canadian, Senior & National Piano for Performing Arts BC in Fort St. John, BC Canada (2016)

-Master clinician, Houston Area Suzuki Piano Association institute, Texas City, TX (March 2017)

-Master clinician, Baltimore School of Music, MD (March 2017)

-Director of Cypress Creek Music Teachers Association’s senior piano ensemble at state conference, Dallas, TX (June 2017)