About Chris

Meet Your Guitar Teacher

More than anything, Chris Primeau is a student of music.  Though he sang and played saxophone from a young age, he was always drawn to the guitar.  At the age of 13 he purchased a cheap guitar and amplifier with the money he earned as paper boy  and never looked back.  Originally enamored by the sound of rock music, Chris nonetheless honed his skills in the Community High School Jazz Band. His interest in music quickly blossomed into a passion, and as his dedication and work ethic grew, he started to win awards for his performances.  Clearly music was not a just a hobby, but a calling.

Upon graduation, Chris went on to study at Washtenaw Community College where he was mentored by the guitar virtuoso, John E. Lawrence.  Here he began exploring new material in classical guitar, solo jazz guitar and acoustic blues leading Chris to realize he would never be happy playing in any one genre; he had to explore them all.  This revelation led Chris to take his studies to the next level at the renowned Berklee College of Music.  Studying under guitar legends such as Tim Miller, Don Lappin, Jon Finn, Norm Zocher, Guy Van Duser and Jon Baboian, he strived for proficiency in every style he could.  Chris also began building his composing chops, writing his own funk/fusion works and forming a quartet for their performance.  A stand-out student, he graduated summa cum laude in 2009 with a degree in music performance.

A Passion For Music Education

A year after graduation, Chris itched for a new challenge.  His desire to grow led him to relocate to the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, in October 2009.  Thanks to the city’s creative environment, his teaching clientele exploded while he remained active as performer.  Today, he continues to play out, gigging with The Rocket Brothers Band, doing fill-in work for jazz, country, blues and rock groups, performing solo music sets and teaching both private lessons and group classes.  Never satisfied, he plans to attend graduate school in the future to earn his DMA in guitar performance.

Chris’ Professional Resume