Free Chord Charts And Sample Guitar Lessons
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Free Chord Charts And Sample Guitar Lessons

A ridiculous amount of free enhanced chord charts, sample guitar lesson materials, guides, how-tos and more to keep you clicking for hours! Keep scrolling. You’ll find something for you!


Enhanced Chord Charts

Accurate, readable chord and lyric charts for popular and obscure songs!

Beginner Chord Series

Learn to play perform and switch between the most common open chord shapes!

Beginner Melody Series

Learn the series of melodies through which I guide every beginner to orient their fingers to the fretboard!

Beginner Strumming Lesson Series

Learn how to strum the guitar properly and perform the most common strum patterns!

Blues Fingerstyle Tabs

Transcriptions for traditional acoustic blues songs!

Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson Series

A progressive curriculum teaching chord shapes, riffs and rhythms common to the blues!

Electric Guitar Tone Lesson Series

Articles on elements of electric guitar sound including parts, effects and amplifiers!

Fingerpicking/Fingerstyle Lessons and Tabs

Transcriptions for some of the fingerpicking tunes I teach and some solo arrangements I have written!

General Tips, Articles and How-Tos

Have questions on what guitars to buy or any of the basics?  Check here!

Improvisation and Rhythm Backing Track Playlists

Jam tracks for soling and comping practice!

Jazz Comping Lessons

Learn to play jazz rhythm guitar in various styles!

Music Theory Lessons

Articles on chord, scales, progressions and more!

Parent Guides, Tips and How-Tos

Tips on how to help your kids get the most out of lessons!

Recommended Teachers, Repairs and Vendors

Coming Soon!

Scale, Chord and Arpeggio Lessons

Diagrams and lessons on how scales, chords, arpeggios, etc., fit on the guitar!

Soloing And Improvisation Lessons

Take your guitar soloing to the next level!

Songs and Solos Playlists

Tracks for some of the common songs and solos I teach!

Songwriting Lessons

Learn to write your own songs!

Technique Lessons

Articles covering all aspects of guitar technique!

Youth Recital Performance Videos

Videos of my bi-annual student performances!

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