Electric Guitar Tone Lesson: Pickups

How Do Guitar Pickups Work? The key to understanding electric guitar signal flow begins with the pickup.  While we concentrate much of our effort on how we attack and fret the strings, it is the pickup which is responsible for converting the sound into an electric signal.  A guitar pickup is a type of transducer

25 Jul 2019

Blues Guitar Rhythm Lesson 3: Riffs

How To Play Blues Rhythm Guitar Part 3: Riffs This next rhythm technique is similar to the shuffle, but instead of moving around a harmonic pattern, we will moving around a riff.  There are countless blues riffs available and many hit rock songs are based around applying a riff to a twelve-bar blues pattern (Sunshine

24 Jul 2019

Blues Guitar Rhythm Lesson 2: The Shuffle

Blues Rhythm Guitar Basics Part 2: The Shuffle Now that we understand and can construct the basic underlying harmonic structure of a 12-bar blues, we can begin to apply some of the more common rhythm styles.  One of the most common blues rhythm conventions is the shuffle, performed by alternating harmonically between a perfect fifth

23 Jul 2019

Blues Guitar Rhythm Lesson 1

How To Play Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson 1 The blues is a distinctly American style of music with roots in the African-American gospel and work song tradition.  Its unique harmonic progression is based around dominant seventh chords arranged in a standard twelve-bar chord progression.  There exist many variations on the twelve-bar blues, but by first

22 Jul 2019

Drum Groove Playslist

Drum Tracks for Practicing

19 Jul 2019

Blue Bossa- Drum and Bass Backing Track- 80bpm

Blue Bossa Backing Track for Comping Practice

16 Jul 2019

Acoustic Guitar Song Playlist

All of the beginner acoustic guitar songs I typically teach in one place!

10 Jul 2019

Beginner Rock Songs Playlist

All the Beginner Rock Songs I Teach on One Playlist

09 Jul 2019

Fingerpicking Songs Playlist

Playlist of Fingerpicking Songs to Learn

08 Jul 2019

Blues Backing Track Playlist

Blues Jam Tracks in All Twelve Keys!

30 Jun 2019