How to Strum

How to Strum on Guitar and Common Mistakes

05 Apr 2016

How To Learn The Folk Strum Pattern

Guide To The Folk Strum Pattern One of the most common rhythm patterns for the guitar is known as the “Folk Strum.”  It’s a ubiquitous rhythm that fits in many mid-tempo songs.  Learning it will open you up to playing a ton of new tunes.  Here’s how to learn it:  Set a metronome at slow

13 Nov 2014

Video: Strum Pattern Demo D D DU UD D DUD

Guitar Strumming Lesson

09 Oct 2014

What Is The Best Way to Learn Guitar?

How Should I Learn Guitar             I’ve met a lot of students who have attempted to learn guitar from internet videos, tab sites and other resources.  I’m not going to lie to you, when I was young, I was one of them.  I didn’t have a single formal guitar lesson

09 Oct 2014

Tab: Blackbird by The Beatles

Click Here to Print or Download Download the PDF file . How to Play Blackbird by The Beatles on Guitar

07 Oct 2014

Video: How To Hold A Pick

Here’s my first video: How To Hold A Pick.  I’m experimenting with shooting these on my Iphone for the sake of convenience.  Hopefully I’ll learn to make the focus a little better. Basic Guitar Technique Lesson

06 Oct 2014

Landslide Chords By Fleetwood Mac

Click Here To Download Or Print Download the PDF file . How to Play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac on Guitar

03 Sep 2014

Acoustic vs. Electric Guitar

Is it Better to Learn on Acoustic or Electric Guitar? Acoustic vs. Electric Guitars When shopping for their first guitars, new musicians often confront the predicament of whether to get an electric or an acoustic model.  They frequently ask me which is a better kind on which to learn.  The truth is it’s a matter

28 Aug 2014

Bad Moon Rising Chords -Creedence Clearwater Revival

Click Here To Print Or Download Download the PDF file . How To Play Bad Moon Rising on Guitar

26 Aug 2014

Why Guitar Players Should Sing

Every Guitarist Should Sing As part of my lessons, I like to encourage my students to sing (GASP!).  I know, it’s scary.  But it’s also highly beneficial.  The voice is the one instrument with which everybody is endowed and should feel comfortable utilizing.  For most of us, it’s our first indoctrination into music.  Singing in

13 Aug 2014