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Welcome to Primeau Guitar Studio
Welcome to Primeau Guitar Studio

Austin, Texas’s Most Dynamic Guitar Lesson Studio

Primeau Guitar Studio is the premier guitar lesson studio in Austin, Texas, offering top-notch private music education on acoustic and electric guitar to both adults and children. Students are assured a pleasurable learning experience in a comfortable home environment. I work to create fun, progressive lesson plans catered to your learning needs, whether you have been playing for years or are just beginning.  My curriculum has been developed from my education at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music and through graduate studies at The University of Texas, in addition to being tested on hundreds of students over 10,000+ hours of teaching. So you won’t be wasting time or money!

Learn Guitar From A Professional Guitar Teacher

Unlike a large music school or group class, at Primeau Guitar Studio you’re not just another face in the crowd. You won’t hear other instruments playing through the walls or have to call a secretary to for scheduling. And unlike online music lessons or courses, I create a personal relationship with each of my students and can adjust my teaching to their needs.  I am a full-time professional teacher, so I won’t be missing classes for performances and you’ll never be passed off to another guitar teacher.

My home studio in North Austin, TX is equipped with every book, DVD, recording capability, guitar effect (using Amplitube 4) and learning tool necessary to provide a great lesson experience.  I can slow down music on the spot and create my own jam tracks. Scheduling lessons is simple, flexible and visible online.  Every lesson is audio recorded and logged in an Evernote page so students can easily revisit curriculum and assignments. If you’re interested in learning the guitar, click here to Book A Lesson on my online scheduling app for a free in-studio introductory guitar lesson. I look forward to working with you!

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Check out out my library of online guitar lessons!
Enhanced guitar chord charts, video guitar lessons and sample lessons. Check out my materials on open chords, strumming, blues rhythm, fingerpicking, electric guitar tone, scales, chords, arpeggios, technique and much more! I post these free guitar lessons regularly so you can learn even if you can't make it to the studio. Every month I send out a newsletter with all of my new teaching material!
My lessons offer children as young as eight years-old on picking, strumming, reading music and playing their favorite songs!
My teaching methods for children help them learn to love playing the guitar. I am experienced in teaching to both the short-attention span of elementary schoolers and screen-obsessed teenagers. My lessons offer children as young as eight years-old on picking, strumming, reading music and playing their favorite songs! I offer clear and specific practice instructions to parents through an Evernote page. Twice per year I hold recitals so they can rock out for their friends and family!
Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for decades, I offer guitar lessons for adults of all skill levels.
I have lesson plans for beginners to learn to read tablature, perform easy melodies, finger and strum open chords, play popular acoustic guitar songs or rock out along to electric guitar classics. More advanced students can learn to fingerpick, transcribe solos, improvise, play scales and arpeggios, perform more advanced chords and rhythm styles, use guitar effects, read music, songwriting and more! Once per month I send out a newsletter with all my new lesson plans!

My 8yr old daughter has been taking guitar from Chris for a year now, and we both couldn’t be happier! Santa brought her a guitar and Chris has taken her from not even knowing how to hold it, to picking and strumming in a year. Her fingers aren’t long enough yet to fret chords, but Chris seems to find ways to expand her knowledge steadily while we wait for her to grow.
─ Heather Lawrence
The combination of his exceptional skills as a musician and his positive and approachable teaching style is nothing less than the secret sauce that is helping me renew my passion and further my skills as a musician.
─ Gwen Smith
Chris is a genuine guy and a genuinely awesome guitar coach. I am a professional musician that wanted to get to performance-level basic guitar as quickly as possible. Within three months of beginning working with Chris, I won The Recording Conservatory of Austin’s Top Singer-Songwriter Contest backed by my own guitar playing. I’m very glad I am working with him, and I’m looking forward to working with him to further improve my performance abilities in the future.
─ Alyse Black
We’ve really enjoyed Chris teaching our nine-year-old (with a physical handicap) and our 14 year old. He has made it fun and they both look forward to working with him. We appreciate his knowledge and patience (especially with the nine year old)! Thanks Chris!
─ Barbara Carlson

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