Two Great Guitar Buying Guides For Beginners

I frequently get asked by my students for advice on purchasing guitars.  Here are two informative guides on selecting and purchasing guitars from, one on buying acoustic guitars and one on buying electric guitars. Each breaks down different considerations you might have when purchasing an instrument, including construction, components and cost.  You’ll learn about different

07 Aug 2018

Backyard Skulls Chords – Frightened Rabbit Enhanced Chart

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31 Jul 2018

Over Everything Chords – Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile Enhanced Chart

Over Everything Chart Download the PDF file .

08 Feb 2018

The Five Most Common Strum Patterns

The Five Most Common Strum Patterns After learning their open chords, many students wish to expand their rhythmic palette.  They discover that while they can finger many of the chord voicings of their favorite songs, the strum patterns remain alien and outside their grasp.  Fortunately, rhythm patterns are akin to chord voicings in that some

31 Jan 2018

Guest Blog for Musician Tuts – The Basics Of Strumming

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24 Jan 2018

How To Learn Any Strum Pattern

In contemporary guitar pedagogy, the rhythm hand (the right hand in right-handed individuals) is often overlooked.  The initial stages of guitar tuition frequently stress learning open chord shapes as the primary curriculum.  Little attention is paid to when and how to attack these voicings.  It is my experience, therefore, that many of my students who

12 Jan 2018

Last Dance With Mary Jane Chords – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Chart

Last Dance With Mary Jane Download the PDF file .

07 Jan 2018

Read My Guest Blog at

I wrote a blog post for available here: Why Jazz Guitarist Should Study the Caged Method.

28 Dec 2017

10 Guitar Chords That Are Easy To Learn For Beginners

Some of the first things any beginner learns after the parts of the guitar and the string names are the first few chords. Some of these are easier to grab than others, but with a bit of practice, it will come together within the first few months. In many cases, this is all it takes

21 Nov 2017

Local Teacher Spotlight- Songbird Rising Suzuki School

As many of my students frequently ask me for recommendations for teachers of other instruments, I will begin posting articles about local teachers whom they may contact.  Today we learn about Songbird Rising Suzuki School. Songbird Rising Suzuki School was established in 2009 in Hyde Park and offers year round violin lessons and summer camps. They

06 Nov 2017
by Primeau Guitar